Double Bottom Line Investing


From our beginning in 1993, The Rose Inc. has been committed to integrating social and environmental considerations into the research process. What was then known as SRI (Socially Responsible Investing) has morphed into ESG (Environmental, Sustainability & Governance) today. Our commitment to considering these issues remains strong.

Investment Process & Philosophy

We spend the majority of our time in research; reading, writing and consulting colleagues. We are style agnostics, and not true believers in any particular investment approach. We believe we can learn from those who hold a ‘value’ and/or a ‘growth’ oriented bias. With The Rose Inc., you’ll find that we often take a contrarian position—a leadership position—that places us at odds with ‘consensus’ sentiment.

We Believe

  • Investing in common stock is an effective way to build and preserve wealth over time.
  • In well diversified portfolios as a means of managing risk.
  • It is possible to find stocks worth owning in all market cycles; up, down or flat.
  • In considering ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) criteria as part of the stock selection process.
  • The greatest reward is often achieved by investing when the economic horizon is clouded with doom and gloom.
  • Holding on to equity positions during adverse market conditions is a prudent course of action.
  • In a ‘long only’ investment strategy combined with a ‘fee only’ business model.

As a company, we have a strong equity bias—we like stocks. We believe there is a broad universe of investment options available in the global offering of publicly traded securities for corporate ownership through common, preferred and convertible stock. We don’t engage in trading strategies or attempt to time markets. Positions are typically held for an intermediate term of 5-10 years. As a consequence, portfolio turnover is relatively low over time.

Code of Ethics

Disclosure: Information presented on this website is not intended as professional advice recommending any particular course of action. “Past performance is no guarantee of future returns.” This statement applies equally to the portfolios we manage as well as any mutual fund or individual security discussed in our publication, Compass Points. This website is intended for informational purposes as communication with The Rose Inc. Investment Management. Discussions of particular investments do not constitute recommendations to buy, sell or hold such investments.