The Right Relationship Matters

The Rose Inc. is a small, smart, relationship driven investment management firm. We manage discretionary and non-discretionary portfolios for families and individuals. Working as fiduciaries, we place our client’s needs first.


Each portfolio is personally managed to meet unique financial and philosophical objectives. There are no ‘canned’ recommendations, no ‘routine’ reviews—with The Rose, you have someone who values your business. We’ll know you—and most likely, your family, board of directors, perhaps even your kids and pets. We take the relationship seriously. Your interests come first.

Your Management Team

Fees and Regulatory Filing

Disclosure: Information presented on this website is not intended as professional advice recommending any particular course of action. “Past performance is no guarantee of future returns.” This statement applies equally to the portfolios we manage as well as any mutual fund or individual security discussed in our publication, Compass Points. This website is intended for informational purposes as communication with The Rose Inc. Investment Management. Discussions of particular investments do not constitute recommendations to buy, sell or hold such investments.